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Usually preceded by preliminary clarification such as racking, fining and sedimentation, both coarse and fine filtration are performed by running the wine through a fibrous or porous material, i.e. pearlitic powder or filter sheets, that allows the liquid to go through but holds back solid particles, unwanted substances and microbes in order to achieve clarity and stability prior to bottling.

Wine filtration solutions

Filtration is separation technique used to eliminate a solid in a suspension from a liquid passing through a filter medium consisting of a porous layer that traps the solid particles. During filtration step, all particles must be retained, without causing modifications that would affect wine’s flavour.

Wine naturally precipitates solids during fermentation and wine storage and these traditionally settle out during time in a natural clarification process. Filtration is intended to eliminate turbidity, foreign bodies and impurities, that will form a sediment in a bottled wine, of which is impossible to suggest any positive contribution to flavour.

Properly controlled filtration has positive effects on quality, whereas careless or excessive treatment may have a negative impact. As in all other wine treatments applied to wine, proper care and equipment is essential. Winemaker must avoid influences of oxygen intake during filtration, poor quality filtering material, prevent transmition of off-odours from filtering material and take care about hygiene of filtering equipment.


“The quality of their diligent engineering and finishing touches is beyond expectation.”

“Sraml puts a lot of thought into the design of their machines. The quality of their diligent engineering and finishing touches is beyond expectation. As a contract production facility, we require uncompromisable quality for all of our clients. Operating the Sraml plant allows us to sustain operational efficiency while maintaining confidence in quality.”
Jamin Brown, Director of Mad Melon, New Zealand 

“ They are brilliant at what they do and their support team is right there when you need it.”

“We have been using the SRAML pneumatic press for five years now and it still runs like clockwork. We are extremely happy with their grape destemmer, as well, and we are seriously considering buying their complete bottling line. It is crucial to have such a dedicated team because when you are in the middle of the harvest and something goes wrong, every minute counts.”
Zmago Petrič, Owner of Guerila wines, Slovenia 

“ The cider production process is more reliable making the business more efficient.”

“Sraml has a team of professionals that are able to individually address the customer’s specific needs and develop customized solutions.” Dmitrii Tikhomorov, CEO of Craftier Ltd.

“The latest investment increased our production rate by at least 200%.”

“We have been really happy with the different SRAML products we have bought! Reliable company, fast delivery, good customer service management and the product quality are key purchasing factors for us! The latest investment increased our production rate by at least 200%.”

Christian Bowall, CEO, Frankly Juice

“ The SRAML press is tailored to my needs and designed to function seamlessly.”

“Pneumatic presses with inert gas enable a constant flow of nitrogen during the pressing process, protecting the wine against oxidation. We are practically neighbours and it was our winery who bought the first SRAML press. It must be an excellent product line to have lasted this long.Samo Premrn, Owner of Pasji rep Wines, Slovenia

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