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Destemmers and crushers

SRAML destemming, sorting and crushing line is a winning combination, enabling intact berry separation from stems, berry selection and accurate crush to release juice or prepare mash for maceration.

SRAML destemming and crushing solutions

With a variety of models and upgrade options to choose from, SRAML destemming, sorting and crushing enables full flexibility for a gentle and efficient separation of grape berries from the stems, removal of poor berries and release of the grape juice without the risk of grinding or shearing berry skins or seeds, which is absolutely pivotal to wine quality.

Innovative PVC cage available in different hole sizes, destemming shaft with adjustable rubber tips, variable speed control and a large receiving hopper are but a few of the many features of the SRAML destemmers, which can be upgraded with the SRAML inline sliding crusher adjustable to the size of the berries, allowing both units to be used either simultaneously or separately.

The roller sorting table is the perfect addition to this vinification phase, enabling the selection of healthy whole berries while removing the poor-quality ones, drained juice and material other than grapes.

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