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Vegetable juice processing

With the utmost attention to quality and an innovative approach to every processing phase to preserve the properties of the crop, SRAML smart vegetable processing technology ensures safe, stable and appealing tomato, beet and carrot juice, adding value to local produce.


Vegetable processing technology

The food & beverage industry has seen a steady increase in the production of vegetable juices owing to a growing demand for value-added products, especially among health-conscious consumers.

All food processing systems have one thing in common: Due to the high risk of deterioration of the raw material coupled with the high-quality demands of the consumers, stringent hygiene practices and a smooth workflow is a must, calling for highly efficient separation technologies to ensure fast and gentle vegetable processing in addition to economic efficiency.

Accounting for over 90 percent of the non-fruit juice trade, the most popular vegetables processed into juice are tomatoes, beets and carrots with their blends widely used in the preparation of tomato-, beet- and carrot-based juices, smoothies, beverages, sauces, baby food, and many other food products.

The vegetable juice should be free from skins, seeds and other coarse parts of the vegetables. It may be clear, turbid, or pulpy. The characteristic flavour together with nutritional and other desirable quality features make tomato, beet and carrot juice the perfect addition to the global superfoods market.

SRAML specialists design a vegetable processing solution adapted to the product’s treatment method of sorting, washing, grinding, pulping or pressing, preservation and packaging.

Whether you opt for individual vegetable processing machines to make tomato, beet and carrot juice, or request a complete vegetable juice processing line, our in-house R&D expert team will help you select just the equipment you need and work with you on project planning to develop the best solution for your business.

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