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Filling Lines

Specialized in a wide range of filling lines and machinery to meet the diverse industry needs, the SRAML experts work with you hand-in-hand on project planning to find the optimal liquid filling strategy and develop individual solutions that match your production requirements. Our filling lines are designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries.


Filling and packaging machinery

Filled into plastic or glass bottles, cans or bag-in-box containers, SRAML complete filling and packaging machinery is the answer to the final processing stage at which smooth and secure product packaging is key, calling for a careful strategy. Following the latest trends in food & beverage industry, SRAML filling lines and bottling machines are designed to bottle wine, juice and syrup, cider, beer, spirits, oil, and to safely pack dairy, non-food and other products in line with one’s requirements.

The SRAML filling and packaging equipment enables every customer to successfully overcome their production challenges, allowing them to select from our complete lines or individual machine units, specific to their end product and business needs.

  • Automatic bottle and can filling machinery: Designed to bottle liquid products, SRAML filling and bottling equipment enables a smooth filling operation using containers such as glass bottles, plastic bottles and aluminium cans as well as different closure systems including cork, T-cap, pre-threaded cap, crown-cap and pressure-cap closure.

SRAML offers a variety of filling line machinery options

– Gravity filling
– Low-vacuum filling
– Electronic volumetric filling
– Electronic checkweigher filling
– Counter pressure filling

  • Semi automatic or manual bottling equipment: Designed to pack liquid products, the SRAML filling technologies include the gravity filling system coupled with semi-automatic container closing systems.
  • Bag-in-box filling: Bag-in-box fillers are designed for volumetric filling of a wide range of pumpable products, both liquids and solids, food and non-food, into single bags with 1-inch spouts.

Production line demo videos

Click on the videos below to see the SRAML filling machinery and packaging lines at work.

filling machinery
filling machinery
hot fill bottling line

Case studies

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