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Covering a broad spectrum of use, SRAML pump technology ensures highly efficient flow without friction, physical stress or emulsification of the mash, juice or wine, keeping the product intact while putting your winery’s main concern — how to safely move wine and all the rest — to rest.

SRAML pump technology

Designed to safely pump even the most sensitive products, SRAML pumps support the most delicate transfer of liquids, semi-solids (e.g., mash, crushed grapes, fresh destemmed grapes, fermenting grapes) as well as abrasive products such as marc.

Typically self-priming which makes them resistant to short dry run, the SRAML pumps have a versatile capacity of handling not only variations in pressure, flow and viscosity, but also operating at high flow rates while maintaining a continuous, even and pulsation-free flow to preserve the quality and essence of the grapes.

Minimizing oxidation, emulsification, shearing or damage to the particles, the SRAML impeller, volumetric, mono-screw and peristaltic pumps are the vessels of your winery, draining a tank to the very last drop. As there is no contact between the product and the pumping element, the pumped product remains intact.

Available in different models and a number of upgrade options, all the pumps are trolley-mounted to be moved around easily while being easy to clean, operate and maintain by winery personnel.

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