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25 Years of Family Business

Founded by two talented and dedicated brothers, SRAML is the leading Slovenian food processing technology designer and manufacturer specializing in wine, juice and cider production lines.

Our story

A Young Engineer with a Vision.

SRAML, located in a wine-growing region of the Vipava Valley in Slovenia, started from scratch in 1994. Founded by two brothers, the company initially produced pneumatic grape presses for the local market, but soon expanded to Austria and Germany, and other EU countries. “The company started off really small — my father, a winemaker and mechanical engineer, needed a wine press. Applying his knowledge of engineering, he designed and built the first pneumatic press, which he is still using today,” recalls Jan Sraml, the Sales Manager.

Our Customers

Our story

The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs Is Inspired.

In 2009, the management board noticed a gap in the juice production market for small and medium-sized producers, responding to the trend for local, natural products. The business expanded to include complete cider and juice making equipment covering the entire production process, from fruit reception to product packaging. In 2012, the business extended their reach by including automatic hot fill bottling equipment, again responding to customer demand. “They were producing juices with our processing equipment and needed automated bottling lines in order to increase their production capacity,” explains Mr Sraml.

Our Product Line

Our solutions

The Ultimate Solution for Your Wine, Juice and Cider Production.

From winemaking equipment and juice machinery to automatic filling and packaging lines, SRAML provides you with integrated wine, juice and cider production lines to achieve outstanding product quality and successful business ventures.

Having a winning in-house design & development expert team enables us to develop customized solutions to meet your specific needs and requirements. In 25 years, we have sold over 15,000 SRAML processing machines to more than 7,000 clients worldwide.


Our Mission

It is our mission to bring end-to-end value to our clients and optimize their production process. Whether you are producing wine, juice or cider, or your product simply needs proper bottling and packaging, doing business with us is easy.

SRAML complete ready-to-install and ready-to-be-used processing equipment enables you to begin the production of wine, juice and cider immediatelyand focus on your business strategy while we continue to develop and optimize your technology for the expansion of your business.

We build our reputation and trust on the premise of social responsibility, expanding our capabilities with the society and environment in mind by contributing to local development and environmental protection.

Investing in professional and personal development, we aim at creating a safe, healthy and motivating work environment for each and every member of our team.

Our Values

What makes us different?

Experts in food processing technology

25 years of dedication have enabled us to deliver cutting-edge fruit & vegetable processing equipment, ranging from winemaking equipment and juice machinery to automatic filling and bottling lines, for your products to achieve premium excellence.

Innovative solutions tailored to your needs

Our in-house design & development expert team are highly innovative and flexible which enables us to develop customized solutions in the service of your specific needs and requirements.

End-to-end integrated solutions

SRAML fully comprehensive solutions cover the entire wine, juice and cider production process — from the produce being harvested all the way to its bottling.

Outstanding customer experience

We are here for you every step of the way, providing you with a complete customer support ranging from solution planning, engineering, and consulting to after-sales service.


Šraml d.o.o.

Podnanos 66b, 5272 Podnanos, Slovenija


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