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Cider Making Equipment

From the fruit being harvested all the way to its bottling, SRAML cutting-edge commercial cider making equipment plays a central role in turning the apples into exquisite cider. No matter how complex your cider production process, our specialists work closely with the customers to develop the ultimate line or solution for each processing phase.


Commercial Cider Making Equipment

Successful production of apple cider or hard cider (USA) depends on a delicate balance between getting the most out of the crop and maintaining desired end-product characteristics through safe, cost-effective and sustainable multi-stage apple processing. SRAML cider making equipment helps you achieve and maintain this crucial balance to stay ahead of the competition.

“SRAML has a team of professionals that are able to individually address the customer’s specific needs and develop customized solutions.”

Tikhomirov Dmitrii, CEO of Craftier Ltd.

Around the world, fermenting apple cider is the tradition of turning the juice of the apple into an alcoholic drink known as apple cider. In the United States, it is called hard cider while apple cider is referred to as sweet, soft or regular cider, the simple juice of early season, tart apples. In some regions, however, cider is the alcoholic version, whether made from apples or pears, and apple cider stands for non-alcoholic apple juice.

The quality and diversity of ciders as the gluten-free trend is exponentially greater these days with cidermakers creating rosé cider, naturally sweet sparkling (keeved) cider, sour ciders and all manner of craft ciders that require special treatment and customized technologies.

SRAML’s commercial cider making equipment, specially designed for small-scale cidermakers and commercial producers alike, improves both yield capacity and apple juice quality while being easy to use and simple to maintain, featuring all the systems and additions necessary to support you on your way to excellent cider.

Whether you opt for individual modules, such as SRAML cider press, cider fermenter and cider bottling equipment, or request a complete cider production line, our in-house R&D expert team will help you select the best cider making equipment you need and work with you on project planning to develop the optimal solution for your business.

“We’re extremely glad we chose SRAML. Their promises about yield and pressing times were the only promises made to us by any equipment manufacturer that turned out to be completely true.

Alex Thomas, CEO of Apple City Cider

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