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Providing you solutions to simplify and improve wine treatment operations and filtering solutions, SRAML covers all steps of the winemaking process while allowing you to save time and to maintain superior hygiene, crucial to prevent contamination.

Wine treatment and filtering solutions

Addition and distribution of oenological products, filtration and cleaning of winery equipment require suitable equipment to simplify process and increase efficiency of process.

At the beginning of winemaking process, severe additions of oenological products can be used – antioxidants, clarification and fining agents, proanthocyanidic tannins, yeasting, nutrition, acidification, sugar addition… Beside quality and dosing of product, its dissolvement and preparation is an important step in winemaking process.

Mechanical agitation of the tank undertakes homogenisation of volume and uniform distribution added product.

After the wine amturation and blending processes, two more complementing steps must be completed before the wine is ready to be bottled: clarification and stability. Clarification by addition of stabilisation agents (bentonite) followed by filtering, results in brilliant clear and healthy wine.

With SRAML cleaning technology, cleaning the equipment after use has never been easier. The perfect tool for cleaning tanks, pipes, filling and other equipment. CIP (clean-in-place) stations and foam generator unit enable you to thoroughly clean and sanitize both interior and exterior parts of the system.

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