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Stone fruit processing

With special attention to quality and an innovative approach to every processing phase to preserve the properties of mature stone fruit, SRAML smart fruit processing technology ensures safe, stable and appealing stone fruit purées and nectars, adding value to local fruit whether you are handling apricots, peaches, plums or cherries.


Stone fruit processing equipment

With a pit or “stone” at the centre of their soft, juicy flesh surrounded by a thin skin that may be fuzzy or smooth, apricots, peaches, plums and cherries are processed into juice and a variety of other products once in the form of purée or pulp. Processed from the sound, ripe stone fruits picked at their peak, stone fruit products, such as smoothies, are a real treat among health-conscious consumers.

Purées differ significantly from juices because all the processing steps involve pulp that is highly viscous, which represents an end-to-end challenge for the equipment used. SRAML fully comprehensive fruit processing equipment, ranging from sorting conveyors to pulpers, pneumatic presses and filling lines, is just what you need to process stone fruit into high-quality juice and smooth viscous purée.

SRAML specialists design a product-specific solution adapted to each stone fruit product and its treatment method of sorting, washing, destoning, pulping, pressing, preservation and packaging.

Whether you opt for individual modules to make stone fruit juice or purée, or request a complete stone fruit processing line, our in-house R&D expert team will help you select just the equipment you need and work with you on project planning to develop the best solution for your business.

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