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Optimal juice extraction plays a key role in wine making. Grape press, as a mandatory piece of equipment, should meet the winemaker’s demands to reach varietal, juice selection and profile characteristics. Automatic and fast, simple to operate and sanitize, and adjustable to work requirements, SRAML wine presses bring your winery nothing but benefit. We offer different winepress types that suit every professional winemaker.

SRAML wine presses

Wine press equipment has a direct influence on the quality, time consumption, and economic value of the winemaking process. Pressing of the grapes is performed to have grape juice released from different zones of fruit based on pressure changes, holding times and loosening of the pressed mass. Using a proper device and pressing program allows for a precise selection of the grape juice to be extracted from the berry’s primary tissues, which is reflected in the quality of wine.

SRAML has made fundamental advances in winemaking technology and can now provide you with a range of grape presses with innovative characteristics to easily reach your production goals, maximize yield while also perfecting the quality and profile of your wine.

Supported by a gentle yet rapid pressing action to minimize physical impact and oxygen exposure crucial to wine quality, SRAML wine presses suit a wide range of juice selection parameters and come with numerous functional benefits.

With a host of upgrade and customization options, the SRAML VP Eco, VP Standard, VP Inertgas series of pneumatic wine presses and SRAML basket press allow winemakers large and small to adjust wine styles to their preferences, having it easier than ever before.

More about wine presses

What is a wine press?

A winepress is an equipment used in winemaking to extract juice from grapes or fruits. It separates the juice, known as “must,” from the solid parts of the fruit. Modern winepresses come in different types such as manual, hydraulic, and pneumatic presses

How does a wine press work?

A wine press works by applying pressure to grapes or fruits to extract juice. The fruit is placed in a container, and pressure is applied manually or through hydraulic/pneumatic mechanisms. The juice (must) is collected for fermentation, while the remaining solids (pomace) are discarded and often used for other purposes (for spirits or fertilizers).

How to clean a wine press?

Cleaning a wine press is an important step to maintain hygiene and prevent contamination. The specific cleaning process may vary depending on the type of wine press and its components, but here are some general guidelines:

  1. Start by emptying and removing all the remaining solids, such as grape skins or pulp, from the press. Dispose of them according to local regulations.
  2. Rinse the press thoroughly with clean water to remove any remaining residue or debris. Pay close attention to all the surfaces, including the container, pressing mechanism, and any filters or screens.
  3. After rinsing, sanitize the press to eliminate any bacteria or yeast that might be present. You can use a sanitizing solution specifically designed for winemaking equipment.
  4. Allow the press to dry completely before storing or using it again. This helps prevent the growth of mold or other microorganisms.

Contact us for more thorough information about cleaning your equipment.

What kind of wine presses do you make?

At SRAML, we take pride in offering a diverse range of wine presses designed to cater to the unique needs of winemakers. Our selection includes four distinct types:

VP Eco Pneumatic Presses: These presses are the perfect choice for a boutique to mid-sized wineries. Combining a user-friendly design with innovative features, the SRAML VPe—Eco Pneumatic Membrane Press series delivers exceptional performance and ease of use.

VP Standard Pneumatic Presses: Crafted with a focus on high-end professional winemaking, our VP Standard line of pneumatic membrane presses showcases our commitment to excellence. With a range of upgrades and customizable options available, these presses offer superior performance and are tailored to your specific production style.

VPi Inertgas Pneumatic Presses: Our VPi Inertgas series provides all the advantages of VP pneumatic presses while enabling the pressing process to be completed in a protected environment saturated with nitrogen. This unique feature prevents oxidation and allows for a customized pressing experience.

Vertical Basket Presses: Inspired by time-honored grape pressing methods, our vertical basket presses are dedicated to achieving exceptional results for premium sparkling and still wines. With careful attention to grape treatment, these presses uphold the traditions of winemaking while ensuring precise and delicate extraction.

No matter the size or style of your winery, SRAML offers a range of wine presses to meet your specific requirements and elevate your winemaking process.

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