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Vertical basket presses

Following the principles of one of the oldest grape pressing methods, the SRAML vertical basket presses support the most delicate treatment of the grape to achieve premium sparkling and still wines.

Upgraded with outstanding automatic systems for a completely controlled gentle pressing during the entire process, the SRAML BP vertical basket press prevents any shredding and grinding effect on fresh or sensitive fermented skins, avoiding the release of bitter, herbaceous substances and astringent characteristics from the seeds, skins and stems.

Designed for easy displacement of the pomace cake and cleaning, the SRAML BP hydraulic basket presses allow winemakers the flexibility to adjust or standardize pressure steps to obtain the highest quality press juice.

Vertical Basket Press features include:

  • Clear juice or must extraction with low content of suspended solids
  • No pomace cake break-up
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen HMI with programmable pressing parameters
  • Uniform pressure distribution (up to 5,5 bar)
  • Pressing operation executed in a single cycle with a slow increase in pressure
  • Maintaining grape skin integrity by protecting the skin and seeds from being triturated or crushed
  • Special lifting system for easy removal of the pomace cake
  • Simple cleaning and hygiene maintenance



Product specifications

  • The grape is loaded into the stainless-steel basket and pressed against the bottom surface by the upper plate by means of a hydraulic system. Juice outflows through the slots on the basket and drainage channels on the upper and bottom pressing plate, being drained into the collection tray under the press.
  • Gently presses whole grapes, grape mash and fermenting mash, avoiding any damage to the skins, seeds and stems
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen HMI with programmable pressing parameters: 8 pre-installed programmes and 8 free channels for individual programming
  • Special lifting system to easily remove the pomace cake from the basket
  • Steel framework is painted in food grade colour while the parts in contact with the product are made from stainless steel and non-toxic material
  • No adsorption of the colouring matter on suspended solids
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain

Models BP9, BP12 and BP23

  • Drainage discs (synthetic material) BP9
  • Additional basket with juice collection tray
Basket volume (L)Basket dimensions (diameter × height) H1 (mm)Length x Width x Height L × W × H (mm)Transport height (mm)Weight (kg)System working pressure (bar)Pressure to surface (bar)Electric power source (kW)Supply voltagePDF
900⌀ 1.070 × 1.0001.460 × 2.510 × 3.2702.620 (2.350 without basket)2.3002507,033/N/PE ~ 400/230 50 Hz PDF
1.200⌀ 1.200 × 1.0001.460 × 2.510 × 3.2702.620 (2.350 without basket)2.3002505,533/N/PE ~ 400/230 50 Hz PDF
2.300⌀ 1.700 x 1.0501.960 x 3.150 x 3.4302.7703.2002505,533/N/PE ~ 400/230 50 Hz PDF

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