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Complete bottling lines

With SRAML smart bottling and filling technology, you can count on years of trouble-free performance, a smooth and high-precision bottling operation from start to finish, and a wide range of standard features and customization options to meet every single one of your business needs. Highly efficient and user-friendly, SRAML turn-key bottling lines are a decided asset to your production, whether you are to bottle cans, PET bottles or glass bottles, ensuring the safest and most hygienic filling and capping conditions for the ultimate success of your product.

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Designed to bottle liquid products, SRAML bottle rinsing/filling/capping monoblocks, cap elevators, sorters and sterilizers; bottle tilters, tunnel coolers and dryers; tunnel pasteurizers; conveyors and accumulation tables combined in a complete bottling line guarantee excellent performance at all working stages.

Working with you to develop just the solution you need, SRAML Customer Support Service is also here to assist you during the machinery’s start-up phase and for the rest of its working life.

All SRAML advantages at a glance:

  • Development of highly efficient turn-key bottling systems to provide ultimate product quality and excellent production performance.
  • Development of custom solutions on the existing bottling lines and individual (modular) units to increase production rates, enhance quality and allow for modifications such as introducing new products or different container sizes.
  • Delivering an efficient, personal service built around your specific requirements in liquid filling machines to suit your production and marketing objectives, providing assistance during the machinery’s start-up phase and for the rest of its working life.