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Designed to execute different tasks in the bottling process while forming part of the same block, a monoblock system has several advantages compared to individual, stand-alone machines connected by conveyor belts since it requires less space and personnel, optimises energy consumption, and enables perfect synchronization between units. With a variety of customization options and upgrades available, SRAML ECO and STANDARD line of monoblocks takes the filling of liquid products such as wine, water, fruit juices and nectars, milk, spirits, beer, oils and sauces into glass bottles, plastic bottles and aluminium cans to the next level. The work process is managed automatically by means of advanced software and electronic dosing units that guarantee an excellent performance and great flexibility compared to the traditional systems.

SRAML ECO and STANDARD monoblocks are available with single-head cappers allowing for different types of closures and can be fitted with a “neck gripper” system if handling PET bottles (with neck rings), allowing an easy change of formats from the body-based glass bottling into neck-based plastic bottle handling.

Monoblock ECO line

Not only is the ECO line of SRAML monoblocks simple to operate and maintain, but it is also cost-effective and environmentally friendly as the machines are designed to bottle small quantities of bottles. With exceptionally durable structure to withstand any operating conditions, it delivers high filling and capping accuracy and quick changeovers without product loss.

Monoblock STANDARD line

With a host of upgrade options to suit your business model, the SRAML STANDARD line of bottle-filling and capping monoblocks features advanced program settings for complete control, quick and easy beverage/bottle format changeover and high flexibility, even when working with different bottle shapes or beverage types, while the integral CIP unit allows fast and thorough cleaning afterwards to comply with the highest food-safety standards. Despite a high level of complexity, STANDARD line monoblocks are still user-friendly and very quick and easy to dismantle.

SRAML ECO and STANDARD monoblocks include:

  • Rinsers to thoroughly rinse/blow of multiple glass or plastic bottles on the inside in one go, freeing them of dust particles and other residues prior to the filling process.
  • Bottle deaerators to create a vacuum inside a bottle and inject inert gas to remove any harmful particulates and oxygen before the filling operation.
  • Fillers to ensure high-precision volumetric, gravity and counter-pressure filling of liquid products, bringing new levels of digital customization and versatility to bottling.
  • Closers/Cappers to provide infallible bottle capping solutions, addressing all the various needs of bottling wines, cider, spirits, liqueurs, beer, fruit juices, water, soft drinks, milk and other foods, chemical products, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.