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Bottle tilter - cap sterilizer

The SRAML conveyor bottle tilting and cap sterilizing system is designed to tip full bottles on the side to allow the liquid contact with the bottle cap – neck. The temperature of the juice (85 ºC) will accumulate the heat and sterilize the interior of the bottle.

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Developed according to the technological characteristics of the juice hot-filling production line, the SRAML bottle tilter ensures an improved sealing degree between the cap and the bottle body by softening the gasket of the cap, allowing the bottle cap to be in contact with high-temperature product long enough to reach sterilization time. At the same time, the cap and the container are heated evenly before entering the spray cooling machine which greatly improves the sealing effect. The machine’s modular construction allows tilters to be of different lengths to meet your production line capacities and lay-down times.

Bottle tilting and cap sterilization operation

The bottles are gently laid down on the side at the first twist section. Once laid down, they are conveyed the distance necessary to meet the cap sterilization time (approx. 30 seconds) and then overtilted by 5° to prevent any air-bubble formation in the cap corner. The bottles are returned upright in the second twist section.

Product specifications:

Main features:

  • Modular stainless steel frame on adjustable feet
  • Plastic chain with rubber pads to prevent the bottles from falling
  • Speed regulation by inverter
  • Two twist sections to lay the bottles down and raise them up
  • Custom-length bottle lay-down section — bottles are 5° overtilted
  • Chain self-tensioning mechanism with coil spring
  • Safety clutch on the drive shaft: the machine stops in case the bottles get jammed
  • Safety covers on bottle lay-down and raise-up twist sections


  • Bottle bottom cooling system, suitable for PET bottles