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Tunnel coolers

Whether you are looking for a single- or multi-zone bottle cooling tunnel – the SRAML range of tunnel coolers has the technology to suit the demands of your bottling line and facilitate quick turnaround of all products from hot fill to packing.

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In the beverage industry, beverages such as juice, nectars, sport and isotonic drinks need to be cooled immediately after hot filling and pasteurized in order to destroy pathogens, increase their shelf life, yet ensure they retain quality and freshness.

With a host of customization options available, SRAML high-performance single-zone and single-belt multi-zone cooling tunnels provide a simple and energy efficient solution by using a conveyor system to pull hot-filled bottles through the water-spraying unit. Spray nozzles on top of the tunnel enable even distribution of cold process water onto the bottle for a maximum cooling effect, safeguarding the quality of the products inside.