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Bottle conveyors - accumulation tables

Available in a rotary or belt version, the SRAML bottle accumulation tables provide ultimate distribution of bottles at the beginning, midpoint, or end of a bottle packaging line, allowing operators to increase production rates using minimum effort.

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SRAML bottling conveyors available as infeed, accumulation and collection tables to transport bottles through the automated filling, capping, and labelling process enable a safe and efficient distribution of the bottles at all stages of the bottle packaging line. Built on a stainless steel frame with 100% UL-certified materials, these sturdy and long-lasting accumulation tables feature a variable speed drive, easy adjustment for bottle size and a variety of other customization options to make the unit indispensable to your bottling line.

The SRAML infeed table installed at the beginning of a bottle packaging line automatically discharges empty bottles onto the conveyor in a single file line, allowing multiple bottles to be placed on the table at the same time. SRAML bi-flow and bi-directional accumulation tables installed in the middle of a packaging line allow you to handle production bottlenecks and service issues by providing storage space for bottles until normal production flow is re-established. Collecting the finished product that is ready for packing, SRAML collection (pack-off) tables are a popular option for end of the line accumulation tables. Not only do they prevent the bottles from backing up and slowing down your entire bottle packaging line, but they also enable operators to easily remove the end product from the rotary turntable.