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Tunnel pasteurizers

SRAML tunnel pasteurizer brings the product in cans or bottles to the desired pasteurization temperature and keeps it at this temperature long enough for the microbial load present in the product and container itself to inactivate.

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Divided into a series of zones inside a large metal-cased enclosure, the SRAML tunnel pasteurizer accommodates large quantities of filled and capped bottles passing through the tunnel on a conveying system while being sprayed by process water. The product is under continuous pasteurization as the bottles pass through the tunnel which consists of progressively hotter zones, heat-treatment zone (where the product reaches the desired PU) and progressively cooler zones, where the product is cooled to a required output temperature. Factors such as bottle size, shape and material play an important role in the pasteurization process as they require specific pasteurization times and temperatures, which is why SRAML tunnel pasteurizers come in a different number of heat-treatment zones and temperature settings based on the product type.

Equipped with a single heat exchanger and hot-water buffer tank, this pasteurization machine features a special heating and water circulation system, called central heat exchange supply system, standing for a closed water cycle which speeds up heating-up times for individual zones and saves vast amounts of water and energy. The temperature adjustment and monitoring in each zone is carried out by a process controller with LCD touchscreen. The user interface not only enables a simple and precise program setting and data visualization, but also allow you to save a set of instructions that can be changed according to specific requirements of a product and its container.

Constructed entirely in stainless steel, the pasteurization system is composed of assembled modules whose number depends on the temperature regime and capacity required. The SRAML tunnel pasteurizer can be insulated in zones with peak product pasteurization to minimize energy loss. The minimum pasteurization surface area available is 5 m², but SRAML expert team readily builds pasteurization equipment in any dimension to meet your production needs.

Modular construction benefits:

  • Easily integrated into a bottling and labelling line
  • Simple handling when the modules are loaded, unloaded and carried into the production area
  • Low transport cost (special transport is not needed)
  • Each module has 4 legs which enables simple and quick (dis)assembly of the entire structure
  • In case of any refit works in the production hall, the modules are easy to separate and their parts easy to detach

Bottle pasteurisation operation

Water spraying inside the tunnel is performed with a series of spray nozzles mounted on top of the tunnel. The precise position of the nozzles maximizes the spraying effect and minimizes the mixing of water between zones. The water running down the containers is collected in basins and recycled to spray nozzles to be reused. The pasteurization tunnel is covered with removable lids for easy inspection and maintenance.