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Vacuum detection unit VD

Inspecting the presence of the vacuum inside the bottles and jars with twist-off caps, the SRAML vacuum detection unit detects if the cap is convex or missing for such a bottle to get ejected from the line.

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The main goal of packaging is to protect the contents from external impact and prevent contamination and loss as a result of contact with the external medium. Vacuum bottle integrity testing is a full-proof method to determine the leak rate of the canned or bottle-type packaging that is not visibly detectable.

The SRAML VD automatic vacuum detection unit looks for vacuum inside the bottles and jars with a twist-off cap closure. The vacuum leak is detected if the cap is in concave shape. Since the detection is done by means of the laser sensor and PLC computer, there is no contact between the sensor and the cap. If the cap is convex, the bottle is automatically ejected from the line by the ejecting cylinder while the unit also eliminates bottles without the cap. The SRAML VD Vacuum Detector can be used for the inspection of twist-off caps of different diameters, with no change parts needed.

Product specifications

Main features:

  • Touchscreen control panel with output and reject counter
  • Vacuum detection with laser sensor
  • Detection of no vacuum or no cap
  • Easy and simple changeover for different bottles and caps, no change parts needed
  • Pneumatic ejection cylinder
  • Bottle tray for ejected bottles