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Mechanical agitation of a treated medium, whether during must clarification or fining, blending or stabilisation assists in effectiveness treatment.

Easily installed to the side of the tank to penetrate through a ball valve directly into wine, the SRAML agitator is an essential piece of winery equipment, helping the winemaker to properly blend the content in a tank or distribute the product to wine, stir the sediment and equalize the temperature.

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Product specifications

  • Improved circulation resulting in more even temperature profiles throughout the tank for a more consistent product quality
  • An increased rate of cooling during fermentation/cold stabilization
  • Enhanced blend rates and blend quality
  • Enhanced fermentation performance
  • Elimination of ice formation on internal tank surfaces during cold stabilization ensuring heat transfer performance is maintained
  • A uniform feed rate of wine to the centrifuge system
  • Product turbo agitator of 0.75 kW
  • Slow coaxial agitator for high viscosity products (500–5000 L)

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