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Peristaltic pumps

SRAML peristaltic pumps ensure a delicate and precise transfer of more or less dense liquids, semi-solids (e.g., crushed grapes, destemmed grapes, fermenting grapes, mash).

SRAML peristaltic pumps

A most gentle and precise pumping application provides an exact amount of volume to be pumped per shaft rotation. Owing to the alternation between squeezing and releasing of a special tube to generate suction and enable continuous pumping, it moves the medium through a tubing without any contact with the mechanism. The product remains intact which decreases the possibility of oxidation, emulsification and damage to the berries and seeds.

SRAML LPP and MPP peristaltic pumps meet all the wine-pumping requirements: they are reversible, simple to use and maintain, easy to clean, and very gentle on the fluid being handled while being easily variable between low and high flow rates to achieve maximum efficiency.

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