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Mono-screw pumps

SRAML mono-screw pumps provide gentle and smooth transport of destemmed grapes, mash, fermenting mass, juice or wine at a constant, even flow rate while protecting the pumped medium against grinding, agitation and oxygen exposure.

SRAML mono-screw pumps

Widely used in conjunction with destemmer/crushers, SRAML mono-screw pumps gently transfer fresh destemmed grapes, mash, fermenting mass and liquids such as juice or wine, generating high flow rate and allowing high pressures if required.

Constructed in food-grade stainless steel to ensure sanitary food handling, the SRAML mono-screw pumps can be fitted with a feed hopper or a DIN clamp to serve various purposes, and a safety device preventing the pump from running dry.

Whatever the range or model, the SRAML MSP, MSPC and GMSPC mono-screw pump creates a continuous, even flow without beating (pulsation) to preserve the integrity of the grapes while the high pressures achieved make it a great choice for long-distance pumping

  • Delicate transport of fresh destemmed berries, mash, fermenting mass and liquids such as juice or wine
  • The stainless steel rotor inside the non-toxic rubber stator creates a continuous flow without pulsation to protect the integrity of the grapes
  • Generating high flow rate and allowing high pressures if required, making it an efficient option for long-distance pumping
  • Polished AISI 304 stainless steel construction for total hygiene
  • Simple design for quick and easy dismantling and cleaning
  • Available with inverter controlled working speed, remote control and a safety device to prevent the pump from running dry

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