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Volumetric pumps

Fitted with a large loading hopper and auger feed, volumetric pumps provide efficient transfer of whole clusters, crushed or fermented grapes, sediments and marc. They operate without applying excessive pressure to keep the pumped medium intact.

A specially designed lobe that “scoops” up the grapes and clusters allow the SRAML Volumetric Pump VRP a gentle handling and transfer of the pomace or whole berries from a destemmer/crusher to a tank, making it an essential part of the winery equipment.

Equipped with a large loading hopper, auger feed and elliptical rotor for efficient and accurate dosage, the SRAML Volumetric Pump VRP operates at low speeds which prevents the grape skins and seeds from breaking and affecting the quality of wine.

Available in different models with a number of add-on extras, all SRAML volumetric pumps are simple to maintain and can be easily cleaned.

  • Perfect for a delicate transfer of whole, crushed, destemmed and fermented grapes, sediments and marc       
  • Low turning speeds prevent any damage to seeds and skins, and protect berries from being crushed   
  • Perfectly smooth internal surface for excellent performance

Product specifications

  • Suitable for transferring whole, crushed, destemmed and fermented grapes
  • Equipped with elliptical rotor, a large loading hopper and auger feed for accurate and smooth supply of the medium to the pump
  • Low rotational speeds prevent any damage to seeds and skins, and protect berries from being crushed
  • Not self-priming — should not be run dry
  • Perfectly smooth inside surface for excellent performance
  • Hygienic AISI304 stainless steel design and compact dimensions
  • Outlet cone on hinges allowing easy access for optimal hygiene
  • CE control panel with emergency stop button
  • Trolley-mounted to be moved easily around the winery
  • Different electrical supply
  • Level probes in the hopper (min–max)
  • Speed control with inverter

Models VRP100 and VRP120

  • Compensation tank CT
VRP 80
VRP 100-4.0
VRP 120-5.5
VRP 180-5.5
Capacity (kg/L)Max. discharge height (mm)L × W × H (mm)Hopper height H1 (mm)Hopper L1 x W1 (mm)Output connectionWeight (kg)Electric power source (kW)Supply voltageMechanical ProtectionPDF
5.00031.080×500×500325550x 520DN80801,53/N/PE ~ 400/230 50 HzIP55 PDF
10.00061.340×650×700375550x 520DN10014043/N/PE ~ 400/230 50 HzIP55 PDF
18.00061.420×650×700375550x 520DN1201505,53/N/PE ~ 400/230 50 HzIP55 PDF
30.00061.600×700×700500550x 520DN1503005,53/N/PE ~ 400/230 50 HzIP55 PDF

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