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LPP Peristaltic Pumps

Reversible to run in both directions, simple to use, easy to clean and very gentle on the medium being pumped, SRAML LPP peristaltic pumps with a DN attachment clamp are designed for all liquid-pumping purposes — even in cases requiring the application of high flow or pressure.

Equipped with a DN clamp unit, pressure switch and inverter, the SRAML LPP Peristaltic Pump supports a continuous, homogeneous transfer with no contact between the product and the mechanical drive components, keeping the liquid medium intact.

While the frequency regulator enables an exact adjustment of the flow rate for accurate product dosage, its high self-priming capacity ensures the pump can run dry without serious damage. The pressure switch, installed on the compensation chamber, protects the outlet pressure from overloading.

Available in different models and add-on options such as remote control or feed hopper, the LPP peristaltic pumps can transfer up to 30 000 L of liquid per hour and are indispensable to the success of any winery operation.

  • Highly efficient transfer of liquids
  • Allowing the application of high flow and pressure
  • Easily variable between low and high flow rates for maximum efficiency
  • Pumping capacity of up to 30 000 L per hour
  • High self-priming capacity

Product specifications

  • Suitable for the transfer of liquids (juice and wine)
  • AISI304 stainless steel structure with non-toxic EPDM tubing for total hygiene
  • Perfectly smooth inside surface for excellent performance
  • The rotating rotor repeatedly squeezes the tube between 2 rollers (3 rollers on request) and the pump housing
  • The pumping process is soft and delicate — the pumped medium and mechanical parts do not come into contact
  • Reversible: the product can run in both directions
  • Supplied with two compensation chambers to ensure a constant flow and a pressure switch at the outlet to protect the pump from overloading
  • Self-priming to be run dry without any damage
  • Electrical box with frequency regulator for speed control
  • Mounted on a trolley with two fixed wheels and two dual-brake swivel casters to be moved easily around the winery
  • Hygienic, simple design and compact dimensions for easy dismantling and cleaning
  • Supplied with a 5 m power supply cable
  • Electrical box with the START/STOP button, emergency stop push-button and inverter speed regulation
  • Remote control
  • Different electrical supply

Models LPP 20-120, LPP 30-200 and LPP 40

  • Rotor with 3 wheels
LPP 5-40
LPP 10-70
LPP 20-120
LPP 30-200
LPP 40-300
Length x Width x Height L × W × H (mm)Capacity (L/h)Pressure (bar)Self-priming (bar)Inlet connectionOutlet connectionRotor speed (rpm)Weight (kg)Electric power source (kW)Supply voltageMechanical ProtectionPDF
905×465×910500–4.0003-0,7DN40 DINDN40 DIN10–70901,13/N/PE ~ 400/230 50 HzIP55 PDF
1.035×520×1.0601.000–7.0003-0,7DN50 DINDN50 DIN10–751201,53/N/PE ~ 400/230 50 HzIP55 PDF
1.165×550×1.1852.000–12.0003-0,7DN65 DINDN65 DIN10–7519533/N/PE ~ 400/230 50 HzIP55 PDF
1.365×715×1.4703.000–20.0003-0,7DN80 DINDN80 DIN10–6030043/N/PE ~ 400/230 50 HzIP55 PDF
1.470×725×1.5204.000–30.0003-0,7DN80 DINDN80 DIN10–703405,53/N/PE ~ 400/230 50 HzIP55 PDF

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