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Magnetic riddling

The process of separation of yeast sediment from the sparkling wine after the secondary fermentation (the so-called »riddling« process) is a complex, time consuming and costly process of removing the yeast sediment from the bottle neck.

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Bottle prior to shipping the sparkling wine to the market. SRAML automated magnetic separation system is a breakthrough solution that enables riddling at unprecendented speed at a fraction of current costs. Our solution literally addresses and solves the bottleneck of sparking wine production.   

SRAMLautomated system for
magnetic separation of yeast

Removal of yeast sediment from a sparkling wine bottle is a mandatory precondition for shipping the wine to the market. The so-called riddling process is currently very complex and demanding, resulting in high costs, large losses of time and delays in shipping the product to the market. 

SRAML automated system enables rapid removal of sedimented yeast using our innovative magnetic separation technology in a matter of minutes. Addition of our proprietary magnetic particle solution »magnetizes« the yeast sediment, which is then rapidly drawn from the sparkling wine bottle with the use of magnetic separation system. As no disgorging procedure is required, this additionally saves costs and time.  The system is designed modularly and can be used on any number of bottles.