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Grape intake hopper with screw

Designed to collect bulk or mechanically harvested grape from trailers, intake hoppers allow a uniform grape distribution prior to further winemaking operations.

Constructed entirely of stainless steel, the SRAML GRS range of reception hoppers accumulates the harvest at the beginning of the processing line. Its in-built auger feed with a mechanical converter to regulate the speed allows the grapes to be dosed evenly for further processing.

  • Suitable for whole grapes or destemmed mass
  • Loading capacity: 2,8–8,7m3
  • Stainless-steel surface without sharp edges prevents damage to the grapes
  • A hydraulically operated door or a pump is installed at the outlet        
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Product specifications

  • Loading capacity: 2.8–8.7m3
  • Motorized auger with mechanical speed variator
  • The possibility of using different box sizes
  • Movable side guardrail
  • Suitable for whole grapes or destemmed mass
  • Hydraulic output door
  • Elliptic rotor pump (5,5 kW, DN 120) on exit
  • Mono-screw pump on exit
  • Hopper on scales with a screen to monitor the weight
  • Electric cabinet with inverter
  • Juice draining screen on the outlet with connection
  • Motorized anti-clogging screw of 300 × 300 mm
  • Hopper without movable side guardrail
  • Deduction: Hopper without the start/stop/emergency stop electrical box
GRS2000 X
GRS2000 X
GRS2000 X
GRS2000 X
GRS2500 X
GRS2500 X
GRS2500 X
GRS2500 X
Volume (L)Length x Width x Height L × W × H (box) (mm)Loading height H1 (mm)Weight (kg)Installed power (kW)PDF
3.0003.000 × 2.000 × 1.6509008503,0 PDF
4.0004.000 × 2.000 ×1.6509001.0003,0 PDF
5.0005.000 × 2.000 ×1.6509001.1504,0 PDF
6.0006.000 × 2.000 × 1.6509001.3004,0 PDF
4.0004.000 × 2.450 × 2.0601.0001.2503,0 PDF
5.0005.000 × 2.450 × 2.0601.0001.4004,0 PDF
6.0006.000 × 2.450 × 2.0601.0001.5504,0 PDF
7.0007.000 × 2.450 × 2.0601.0001.7005,5 PDF

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