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Pressed pome fruit juice

SRAML fruit processing equipment and juice extraction technology is essential to your production of pressed pome fruit juice — if you aim to achieve but the best juice yield‒quality ratio.


Pome fruit juice pressing technology

Mainly processed from the sound, ripe pome fruit that is unsuitable for the fresh fruit market, pome fruit juice, such as apple juice or sweet cider, is a popular and healthy alternative to sugary drinks and sodas.

To prepare the apples and other pome fruit for juice extraction, proper juice pressing machinery is key. A grating mill grinds the fruit into a mash which needs to be free of large pieces, yet not so fine to make the pressing difficult. To achieve the highest efficiency, the type of press to later extract the juice may also dictate the milling method.

In apple juice production, extraction may be accomplished through pressing milled apples continuously or in batches using pneumatic batch presses or continuous belt presses to achieve optimum throughput and yields.

  • While continuous belt press squeezes the fruit pulp layer between a moving belt and rollers, causing the juice to be forced out through the belt and onto the collection trays, pneumatic batch press, on the other hand, presses fruit mash against perforated drain channels in multiple pressing cycles.
  • Opt for SRAML belt press if you are pressing mainly apples in the apple season time to produce cloudy juice, yet do not need flexibility, only simple juice extraction; however, should you press apples from cold storage to produce mainly clear juice and cider that require enzymatic maceration of the mash before pressing, SRAML pneumatic press is the one for you.

To produce a clear juice, the expressed pome fruit juice should undergo clarification and filtration before being bottled and ready to hit the shelves.

No matter how complex your production process or plant, our specialists work closely with the customers to develop the ultimate solution for each processing phase.

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