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Beet and carrot juice

SRAML vegetable processing equipment and juice extraction technology gives you the opportunity to achieve the best juice yield‒quality ratio and produce beet and carrot juice of a consistently high quality to meet the growing demand for excellent and healthy products.


Beet and carrot juice production technology

A steady increase in beet and carrot juice consumption owing to its health benefits and attributes has resulted in considerable improvements in processing machinery.

SRAML vegetable processing equipment specially designed for the production of beet and carrot juice performs all the processing steps with maximum efficiency, assuring fast and safe handling of the sensitive raw material to achieve product excellence.

In beet and carrot juice production, a comprehensive washing is essential, as large quantities of mud and stones may be transported together with the produce.

Washed and peeled beets and carrots pass through the grating mill before going to the heat treatment line. Since fresh juice coagulates upon heating, it requires blanching to soften the roots and achieve maximum yields during pneumatic pressing, which is followed by homogenization to yield a juice suitable for blending with different fruit beverages and other products.

No matter how complex your production process or plant, our specialists work closely with the customers to develop the ultimate solution for each processing phase.

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