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Pomegranate juice

SRAML fruit processing equipment and juice extraction technology gives you the opportunity to achieve the best juice yield‒quality ratio and produce pomegranate juice of a consistently high quality to meet the growing demand for excellent and healthy products.


Pomegranate juice production technology

The production of pomegranate juice has seen an increased demand owing to the fruit’s health benefits and attributes, and so has the accompanying juice machinery.

In addition to helping you carry out all pomegranate juice processing steps with maximum efficiency, SRAML can provide you with the benefits of the very latest technology available in this field.

Ruby red, filled with small garnet-coloured niblets bursting with juice and covered with a leathery skin, pomegranate is one of the most difficult fruits to process and an inadequate technology can contaminate the juice with tannic elements, damaging its quality.

The most important step in pomegranate juice processing is to extract or separate the aril (juice enclosed seeds) from its peel and sheath using the SRAML pomegranate desheller, which is followed by the vibrating screen separator allowing for a high-precision aril separation. Arils can be pressed using pneumatic batch presses or continuous belt presses to achieve optimum throughput and yields.

To produce a clear juice, the pressed pomegranate juice should undergo clarification and filtration before being bottled and ready to hit the shelves.

No matter how complex your production process or plant, our specialists work closely with the customers to develop the ultimate solution for each processing phase.

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