Fruitleather Rotterdam, The Netherlands / 2017 | Sraml

Fruitleather Rotterdam, The Netherlands / 2017

Transforming leftover fruits into durable, leather-like material in a bid for zero waste economy, Fruitleather Rotterdam purchased Sraml fruit processing line in order to optimize and automate their work processes. With Sraml mango destoner–pulper machine, designed to meet all their production needs, Fruitleather Rotterdam was able to successfully launch their eco- and animal-friendly product line.

About the Company

About the Company

The Dutch company Fruitleather Rotterdam was created by Koen Meerkerk and Hugo de Boon, two young designers, “not only to spread awareness of the food waste issue, but also to show how waste in general can be used in a positive way”—as a valuable starting material that can be made into footwear and fashion accessories as well as used in the interior and furnishing industry. The company has just introduced their eco- and animal-friendly products to the market.

Their Challenge

During the production process, the customer destones and mashes the leftover mangoes from the Rotterdam harbour and converts them into a leather-like material. In the first phase of their start-up, they were removing the stone from every single mango by hand, using a wood chipper to turn the mangoes into a fruit puree, which was extremely time-consuming. In 2017, it was time for Fruitleather Rotterdam to invest in a mango processing machine and give their production a boost.

Our Solution

With some adjustments made to address specific production needs, the customer found the perfect mango destoner–pulper selecting from the standard Sraml fruit processing equipment. Fruitleather Rotterdam was convinced by Sraml excellent customer service and that “warm, familiar feeling” of their first encounter. What’s more, Sraml expert team took the time to fully understand the production specifics and finally design a game-changing mango machine meeting all the expectations. Read more about our fruit processing machinery on the link.

Key Beneftis

“We are really grateful for the collaboration with Sraml,”  says Koen Meerkerk, Co-Founder of Fruitleather Rotterdam. Sraml mango destoner–pulper is designed to destone and mash app. 1000kg of mangoes per hour, which allows for managing superlarge volumes of fruit waste. According to the customer, reduced turnaround time and, in turn, improved process efficiency is the main benefit as manual process is much more time-consuming. Ultimately, using Sraml industrial equipment, Fruitleather Rotterdam helps the city of Rotterdam reduce its fruit waste in a circular way. “We appreciate that the company supplied us with the right machinery. Over the years, we have been experimenting on how to convert leftover fruit into leather-like material. SRAML provided a machine that enables us to bring an eco-friendly and animal-friendly product to the market,” says Koen Meerkerk.

Watch the VIDEO here (credit: Business Insider).

“ SRAML is a reliable company that thinks of possibilities. We definitely had an unusual request and process, but SRAML provided a machine that enables us to bring an eco-friendly and animal-friendly product to the market.”

Koen Meerkerk, Co-Founder of Fruitleather Rotterdam


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