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Automated waste-to-insect feed system

The aim of the project is to develop a smart, universal and compact technological system that will enable the automated processing of all types of organic waste into insect feed. This will help existing and future edible insect farmers, we will provide a cost-effective approach to the production of insect feed that is consistent and safe, and produced in compliance with all sanitary and other process-quality requirements applicable in the feed manufacturing industry. Given our long-standing presence in the insect farming and processing industry, we believe that with this new solution we are addressing a gap in the market that is holding back the even more rapid development of the industry.

Project partnership: Šraml d.o.o. and RBT Technologies d.o.o.

Total project value € 560 000.

EU funding € 300 000.

Implementation period: 1.11.2023 – 31.10.2025

Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU

Investment part of the actions of the plan financed by the mechanism – links to the site:,

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