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Should Chardonnay be chilled?

Who hasn’t heard of Chardonnay? The most popular wine originates from the small French village of Chardonnay, where this white wine was first made from the green-skinned grape of the same name. It is one of the most grateful grapes since it can grow in most climates.

The flavors range from fresh and light to more full-bodied. It is considered to be typically a dry, medium to full-bodied wine with moderate acidity and alcohol.

Wine lovers know it develops its full flavor in the right glass at the proper temperature. But what is the optimal temperature, should you serve Chardonnay chilled?

So do you chill Chardonnay?

Yes, you should chill your Chardonnay. Ideally, Chardonnay stores at a temperature of 55-60 °F (13-16 °C). But the serving temperature is even lower, so be sure to chill the wine bottle to 48 °F (9 °C) so it’s served chilled.

But why do we chill Chardonnay? Every wine has its ideal wine temperature to retain its divine aromas. Not all wines are served at the same temperature. Typically you should chill all wines since room temperature is higher than the recommended serving temperature for wines.

The ideal temperature for white wines ranges from 45-55 °F (8-12 °C). Red wine is best at temperatures between 55-65 °F (12-18 °C), whereas the temperature for dessert wines ranges between 41-45 °F (5-7 °C). Sparkling wine is also best enjoyed and served cold.

The problem with serving Chardonnay warm is that it is harder to distinguish the flavors and if the Chardonnay is too cold, you cannot taste all the delicate aromas.

Serving wine at a lower temperature than recommended is also a way of hiding the fact that you may have bought a cheaper bottle of wine.

Chardonnay should be chilled before serving

How to serve Chardonnay at the perfect temperature?

The best way to store Chardonnay and other wines at the right temperature is with a wine cooler, but not everyone can afford a wine fridge and not everyone has enough space. The same goes for a wine cellar where you have colder temperatures. So what are the other options if you don’t have proper wine storage?

The most obvious one is a kitchen refrigerator, which stands in every home and will serve very well for serving chilled wine. All you need to do is put the bottle in the kitchen fridge for about 15-30 minutes before serving, depending on the fridge’s temperature.

Alternatively, you can keep it in the fridge and put it out for an hour before opening it. You can also check the temperature of the bottle and wine with a thermometer.

For a quick fix, you can use the freezer. Put the bottle in the freezer for 10 minutes and it should be fine. However, remember to put the bottle out of the freezer, as the bottle can explode when it freezes. Wine freezes at around 22 °F (-5 °C). Read more about freezing wine in our article on the link.

Once the wine is on the table it will warm up, but as long as the bottle is cold to the touch, you can enjoy your glass knowing that the temperature is right. Once you have a room-temperature bottle, you can put it back in the fridge for a few minutes to get to your ideal temperature.

Another way of quickly chilling wine is to have an ice bucket. You just add some table salt to a bucket of ice water and the chemical reaction will lower the temperature, so you can quickly cool your favorite bottle of Chardonnay. A bucket of ice water is also a way to keep your bottle chilled for longer.

What glass should Chardonnay be served in?

The right glass can take your wine to the next level. The shape of the glass strongly influences the development of flavor, aromas, and temperature.  This also applies to Chardonnay.

White wines have their type of glass. For Chardonnay, it is recommended to be served in a standard white wine glass, or even better in the largest and widest of white wine glasses.

The longer stem allows the wine to maintain its temperature for longer, while the shape of the cup brings out the aromas. In particular, a larger glass helps to oxidize the wine, which intensifies the aromas.

Chardonnay should be served in a standard white wine glass

Do you refrigerate Chardonnay after opening

Yes, you should refrigerate your Chardonnay after opening it if you haven’t emptied the entire bottle and if you want to keep it fresh for a couple of days.

After you have had your glass of Chardonnay, you should cork up your unfinished bottle and put it in the fridge. Your wine will be fresh for another two to four days. It mostly depends on how much time it was warm and what was the temperature of the wine.

It is recommended you store your wine bottles on the side, rather than in an upward position. But be sure that the bottle is corked tight.

How not to chill wine?

There are many ways how you can chill your wine wrong. The first one is to put ice cubes in your wine. Even Though it will chill your drink it will also water down the wine and with it the flavors and aroma. If you want to use cubes, it is perhaps better to use reusable ice cubes.

Another mistake is if you use frosty chilled glasses. The surface of a chilled glass is not big enough to chill your wine, so you won’t quickly chill wine with that method.

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