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Mobile pome fruit processing line

SRAML mobile pome fruit processing line provides you with preassembled, prewired, pre-plumbed and pre-commissioned fruit processing units delivered on a special modular platform and mounted on a heavy-duty trailer for local transportation.


Mobile Pome Fruit Processing Equipment

An alternative to traditional juice processing, SRAML mobile fruit processing lines play a central role in turning pome fruit, such as apples and pears, into high-quality pressed juice to meet the growing demand for organic, healthy products by providing on-site support for those with orchards, packing houses, fruit stands, cider houses, breweries, wineries and distilleries to be able to process their fruit on the spot.

Successful production of semi-finished and finished products derived from pome fruit depends on a delicate balance between maintaining the quality, flavour and colour of the crop, while complying with hygiene standards and safety requirements. The SRAML mobile fruit processing unit brings the service of juicing, pasteurizing, and packaging your local fruit directly to the site, helping small independent, artisan and commercial producers alike achieve and maintain this crucial balance to stay ahead of the competition and “seize the fruits” in their most favourable conditions for pressing.

SRAML complete mobile fruit processing line carries the pome fruit smoothly through reception and sorting, washing, grinding, pressing, treatment and hot-filling processes while its compact dimensions, yet high capacity and superior performance, unrestricted mobility and the possibility of instant operation after changing the location make your end product pass with flying colours.

Compared to stationary lines, mobile plants combine the following key advantages:

  • Your investment is profitable from day one since it requires no planning permission.
  • The plant comes to the fruit, which results in fewer process steps and costs as well as greater sustainability.
  • The modular construction ensures optimal fruit feed, juice yield and pomace disposal coupled with excellent accessibility for successful operation and maintenance of the equipment.

No matter how complex your production process, our specialists work closely with the customers to develop the ultimate solution for each processing phase.

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