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Tosla d.o.o., Slovenia; 2020

Tosla is a liquid sweeteners, compounds, preparations, and collagen supplements manufacturer for the food and beverage industry, specializing in the field of nutricosmetics, i.e. edible cosmetics. In 2020, SRAML designed a fully automated filling and packaging line tailored to their needs, successfully doubling Tosla's production capacity.

About the Company

About the Company

With the focus on new technologies, patent applications and clinical research, Tosla specializes in nutricosmetics, i.e. edible cosmetics, developing innovative and clinically proven clean nutritional solutions and preparations to enhance skin, nail and hair growth. Sold to the companies rather than end-users, their beauty supplements coupled with liquid sweeteners and invert sugar provide the food and pharma industries with high-quality natural solutions to make their products healthier.

Their Challenge

In response to high demand, Tosla invested in the SRAML filling and packaging line to increase production capacity and meet the market needs.

Our Solution

With the best quality-price ratio and excellent customer service both pre- and after-sales, SRAML fully automated filling and packaging line was an absolute winner. “SRAML’s proximity to our production facilities is a big plus facilitating the communication and responsiveness between the two companies,” explains Uroš Gotar, head of R&D at Tosla.

Key Benefits

The SRAML filling and packaging line has had Tosla double the production capacity while allowing them to deliver preservative-free products which is a determining factor in staying ahead of the competition. Introducing a new packaging format of 60 ml containers thanks to their new SRAML filling and packaging line will be a valuable asset to their product range and their business.

“SRAML convinced us with the best quality‒price ratio and excellent customer service while, at the same time, giving us the opportunity to support the local economy.”

Uroš Gotar, head of R&D at Tosla


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