About us

We are constantly creating new solutions for your business

Organic and locally sourced food is increasingly sought after. 

We know your goals and therefore always design with the end result in mind. With our solutions and equipment you can always count on smooth production and top-quality products.

Each drop's path has been carefully planned.

We are proud of our achievements. Every tiny detail of all our solutions is carefully planned, tested endlessly and regularly customized to changing requirements. Every new user is for us a new and exciting challenge. We have a passion for developing innovative solutions.

We prefer developing products fully internally

Since it gives us full control of all processes and allows us to rapidly adapt to new requirements. Carefully selected materials and precise in-house manufacturing are the guarantee of the high quality of our equipment. No short-cuts and no compromises!

Delivery terms are a question of excellence

In-house R&D with carefully streamlined productions allow us to efficiently manage our manufacturing processes and delivery terms. Reliability is our leading principle. Our business excellence shows in uncompromising fulfilment of delivery terms.

From design to start of production

We know every tiny detail of producing wine, fruit juices and pulps and are therefore able to advise you and offer you customized solutions. We guarantee full professional support from the designing stage to the starting of your production.

A long tradition of technological excellence

Šraml is a family company founded in 1994. A second generation of mechanical engineers continues to seek new challenges and to find solutions.

The company was established in a rural area where wine growing boasts a tradition of over two millennia and orchards have been spanning many centuries. Agricultural production, food processing and highly developed technology are all contributing factors to high-quality end products. 

Our company started manufacturing wine presses and gradually developed other applications for processing fruits and vegetables. We offer our customers high-quality equipment and advanced technologies for producing fruit juices and pulps. Over the past ten years, we have introduced filling lines for wine and fruit juices and thus completed our offering. Our customers can now order a comprehensive set of processing machines from fresh fruits to packaged products.

Our main competitive advantage is the understanding of technologies and of the challenges in producing wine and fruit juices. We have set up a lean and agile production funnel to better adapt to our customers' wishes and needs. We are specialised in manufacturing specialised equipment and we are devising innovations to exceed expectations. Our products are reliable, durable and environmentally friendly. 


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Each production line is one of a kind and therefore unique.


Over 4,000 pieces of equipment functioning in 65 countries.

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