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Frankly Juice, Denmark / 2019

Frankly Juice is a manufacturer of cold-pressed juices intended to serve as a healthy and organic alternative, free of additives or preservatives. At SRAML, we successfully identified their need for a bottling line with a simple bottle format changeover effectively reducing long changeover times to a few minutes only.

About the Company

About the Company

Frankly Juice was established in 2014 by Christian Seiersen and Christian Bowall who, following their passion for health and sustainability, developed a new juice concept to preserve all the nutrients and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Today, the company produces organic cold-pressed shots and juices containing only raw foods with no additives or preservatives.

Their Challenge

Frankly Juice cold-pressed production takes less than 24 hours from sourcing to the final customer. A cold-pressed juice with no heat treatment has a shelf life of very few days, which is why different bottle sizes (60ml, 250ml, 500ml) need to be filled within one day. Since spending time on adjusting the filling equipment to switch between different bottle formats results in lost profits, the company decided to expand their business by increasing their production capacities and investing in a new automatic bottling line in 2019.

Our Solution

At SRAML, we were all ears and successfully identified their need for a bottling line with a simple bottle format changeover effectively reducing long changeover times to a few minutes only. For Frankly Juice, the answer was SRAML custom bottling line with a special neck-handling system, having significantly increased the speed of the production process. Since the machine is designed to hold the bottles by their neck once being handled by the monoblock, the system requires minimal adjustments and minimizes the number of bottle-handling parts that need to be changed when switching to a different bottle format.

For detailed information on the bottle filling process, please click here to watch the video.

Key Benefits

With SRAML bottling lines, it is quick and easy for the operator to switch between different bottle formats, resulting in production efficiency gains and 50% growth in YoY revenue.

Another important benefit is extended shelf life of the product as the bottling line allows automated CIP (Cleaning-in-Place) regime with complete wash and disinfection of all the machine components in contact with the product, which is especially important in the case of fresh Frankly Juice products containing no additives or preservatives. Other key factors to extend the product shelf life are also pre-fill bottle rinsing and UV bottle/cap sterilization prior to capping, all part of SRAML customized filling lines.

“We have been really happy with the different SRAML products we have bought! Reliable company, fast delivery, good customer service management and the product quality are key purchasing factors for us! The latest investment increased our production rate by at least 200%.”

Christian Bowall, CEO


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