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Klein RoosBoom, South Africa / 2020

Klein Roosboom is a boutique winery located in the wine valley of Durbanville, South Africa. At SRAML, we listened to customer’s specific needs and developed a custom pressing solution joining forces with ServoSol, our South African distributor.

About the Company

About the Company

Having won numerous prestigious awards, the 300-year-old Klein Roosboom [small rose bush] boutique winery is a real treat for wine lovers and experience seekers alike. Its winemaker-owner, Karin de Villiers, remains true to her family heritage, naming her wines after her loved ones — the Janet Shiraz (named for her mother-in-law) or Marianna Rose, her mother.

Located in the wine valley of Durbanville, South Africa, whose south-facing slopes provide ideal conditions and climates for the Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot grapes, the winery makes as much wine as its vineyards can produce (around 70 tons), which is why you can only find Roosboom wines at its tasting centre. While there, make sure you visit their famous Jéan Restaurant and a unique wine tasting room where old concrete wine tanks were knocked open to create little tasting caves, each one differently themed, for a fun, romantic and altogether unique wine tasting experience.

Their Challenge

The winery had a very old wine press and needed to replace it with a new one. In 2020, Klein Roosboom was searching for a new pneumatic wine press with best price-performance ratio, first contacting the ServoSol technical team, SRAML distributor in Africa, to repair the old press. However, the ServoSol sales team offered them a brand new SRAML grape press and the Klein Roosboom did not have to think twice.

Our Solution

The customer decided to go with the SRAML VP21e pneumatic grape press and its best price-performance ratio. We listened to Klein Roosboom’s specific needs and developed a custom pressing solution joining forces with ServoSol, our South African distributor, who provided excellent customer service.

Key Beneftis

The SRAML VP21e mobile grape press features a user-friendly onboard PLC, the possibility to stop and start the cycle, a large door opening to allow for easy access and cleaning of both the cage and drain channels as well as simple and rapid emptying. From controlled-atmosphere pressing in the absence of air to hermetically sealed door and smart rotational speed, all design details are well thought out to facilitate pressing and cleaning operations while its smart soft-pressing system allows optimal use to extract high-quality juices.

According to Klein Roosboom, the SRAML VP21e has not only improved the yield and quality of the pressed juice — its better filling capacity, improved drainage, better pressing time and simple operation also enabled them to press “bigger daily quantities”, which the old press could not provide.

“Overall, I love the simplicity and quality of the press. We used to press 3 x 2 tons per day, but with the SRAML press, we can easily do 4 x 2 tons per day.”
Piti Coetzee, winemaker at Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery


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