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Die SRAML-Reinigungslösungen für Weinkellerausrüstungen ermöglichen es Ihnen, eine vollständige Hygiene aller inneren und äußeren Teile der Anlage aufrechtzuerhalten, insbesondere derjenigen, die schwer zugänglich sind, so dass Ihre sanitären Bedürfnisse in jeder Phase des Weinherstellungsprozesses abgedeckt sind.

SRAML winery equipment cleaning solutions

Hygiene is a primordial request in the winemaking industry and its main goal is to remove contamination sources harmful to human health and wine quality. Hygienisation usually consists of two operations, cleaning and sanitation. Cleaning involves the removal of soil, mineral and organic material, which may contain microorganisms or promote microbial growth, from surfaces by the use of chemical agents and mechanical action. Sanitation refers to the reduction of viable cell populations to acceptably low numbers.

Constructed in high-quality stainless steel for superior longevity and reliability, SRAML cleaning technology, such as CIP (clean-in-place) stations and foam generator unit, ensures that all parts of wine tanks, pipes, filling machines, and other units are perfectly cleaned faster and with much less labour, optimizing the operating costs through minimum energy and time consumption.

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