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VPe Series

VP5e / VP8e / VP11e / VP15e / VP21e

SRAML VPe series of presses is intended for smaller winemakers who want to produce high quality wines. VPe presses excel because of their simple structure, which makes them easy to use and allows fast and thorough cleaning afterwards.

The most important advantage is their cost-effectiveness, as the presses are adapted for pressing small quantities of grapes. SRAML VPe presses can be upgraded with a variety of additional options.


  • entirely made of stainless steel
  • pivoting wheels with double break
  • cylinder rotation to both sides: left-right
  • quiet vane compressor from BECKER
  • quiet fan for fast airflow till +0,2 bar
  • quiet fan for vacuuming the membrane
  • AE automation
  • separate manual operation of the press
  • safety cord with interlocks on both sides and at the back of the press
  • big door opening on the cylinder
  • VP5e with single sliding door
  • VP8e, VP11e, VP15e and VP21e with double sliding doors
  • special design for easy cleaning under the sliding doors
  • big collection tray on pivoting wheels with a sieve on the outlet
  • VP21e: upper and lower sides on hinges on one side of the press
  • declaration of conformity CE
  • PED documentation
  • AT automation
  • axial loading with valves DN65, DN80 or DN100
  • axial loading with pressure sensor
  • VP5e, VP8e, VP11e: supply voltage 230 V, monophase
  • elevated press framework and tray legs
  • non perforated doors for maceration  
  • cleaning opening on cylinder
  • VP15e, VP21e: sliding collection tray
  • lower and upper sides on hinges
  • level switch in collection tray 

  • NIKO Pneumatic press VP11e


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