Glavni napis

Pneumatic presses &

fruit processing machinery



Juice tanks


VOLUME: 750 L - 5000 L


Juice tanks are intended for juice storage and treatment.

Main features:

  • Entirely made of stainless steel.
  • Round upper door 400 mm.
  • Washing unit on the top.
  • Oval side doors at the bottom.
  • Total outlet at the bottom.
  • Side pumping outlet at the bottom.
  • Sampling cock in the middle.  
  • Sampling cock at the bottom.
  • Digital thermometer.
  • Level glass tube.
  • Looking glass pipe on the outlet.
  • Glass integrated on wall of the tank.
  • Rotating decanter valve for pumping.


  • Cooling jacket.
  • Connection for mixer/agitator.


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