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Grape destemmers

Grape destemmer and crusher are essential components of winery equipment, their primary function being to remove the grape berries from the stems and release the juice and pulp from the berries. By minimizing impact force, SRAML innovative destemming technology ensures that the berries remain whole after the destemming operation.

SRAML innovative grape destemming technology

A high-quality grape destemmer protects the grape berries and completely removes them from the stems. It has a decisive influence on the level of juice oxidation, phenolic extraction and economic efficiency of the winemaking process.

Equipped with inverter-controlled speed and a polyethylene cage available in holes of different sizes, the SRAML grape destemmers allow the winemaker to adjust the machine to the varietal and physiological status of the grape achieving optimal results.

The SRAML range of grape destemmers can be used simultaneously with the SRAML inline sliding crusher, which has been upgraded by grooved rollers, a thick layer of rubber and a system for easy distance adjustment, allowing the crushing process to be adjusted to the size of the berries to be popped without risking damage to the berry skins or seeds.

SRAML grape destemmers feature:

  • Polyethylene cage is available in different hole sizes and destemming shaft with soft rubber tips ensure a most gentle separation of grapes from the stems
  • Adjustable rotation speed of the cage and destemming shaft
  • Mirror-polished receiving hopper prevents grapes from sticking to the surface
  • Upgraded with a feeding screw, the hopper can be adapted to diverse options of grape reception
  • The parts in contact with the grapes are lightweight and free of sharp edges or pockets to prevent the grapes and stems from breaking, tearing, or crushing
  • Ease of use
  • Easy and fast tool-free (dis)assembly
  • Easy access to the interior and surrounding equipment for hygiene or maintenance purposes
  • Robust and durable framework made of high-quality materials to withstand environment and operating conditions
  • Height-adjustable telescopic legs
  • Mounted on braked swivel casters to be moved easily around the winery
  • Destemmer operates quietly

Destemmer main features and options

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