Fruit and Vegetable Processing

SRAML innovative and comprehensive fruit and vegetable processing solutions are designed for your product excellence, be it juice or puree. Our expert team provides a dedicated support service, assisting you with the equipment selection and working with you to develop solutions specific to your business needs.


Fruit and vegetable processing equipment

SRAML cutting-edge fruit and vegetable processing technology is designed to cover the entire juice and puree production process, from reception, crushing, destemming, pressing and extraction to product packaging. Our product range includes the equipment used to make cider, fruit wine and fruit mash, covering both the fermentation and distillation process needed in the production of spirits.

Whether you opt for a complete production line or individual juice machinery, our in-house R&D expert team will help you select just the equipment you need and work with you on project planning to develop the best solution for your business.

Designed for small-scale or complex processing plants, SRAML specializes in different segments of fruit and vegetable processing such as pome fruit, berries, stone fruit, tropical fruit, and vegetables. Since each fruit type requires a specific treatment, the SRAML equipment range is suitable for any segment and installation, allowing you to select between our juice and puree processing machinery such as pneumatic batch presses (juice processing), continuous belt presses (juice processing) and pulpers (puree processing).

Product demo videos

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