Denis C. Kebler, Author at Sraml

Different Types of Wine Presses and Their Uses

Wine presses are an essential part of the wine making process. They separate the juice from the solid parts of the grapes, such as skins, seeds and pulp. The way the grapes are pressed has a great influence on the taste and aroma of the wine. A brief History of Wine Presses The history of … Continued

The History of the Wine Press

Since there was wine there were wine presses, well at least some kind of objects that were used to squeeze the juice out of the grapes. The oldest known wine-making site is 6000 years old. Wine presses were depicted on the walls of Egyptian tombs, talked about by Ancient Roman historians, and even found their … Continued

Does wine go bad?

Wine is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages and you probably heard stories, of how people found centuries-old wines and they were still ok. Stories like this make you wonder, how long does wine stay fresh? Does wine expire? Unopened wine can stay fresh for many years, but it can also go bad very quickly … Continued

What is a cork made of

Opening a bottle of sparkling wine can be quite an event when that cork pops out. But have you ever wondered why corks are so important in winemaking? What is a cork made out of? And why do they come in different shapes and sizes? Did you know, you can have natural, synthetic, or even … Continued