Denis C. Kebler, Author at Sraml

Drinktec 2022. Welcome.

join us from the 12th to the 16th of September in the capital of Bavaria for the DRINKTEC 2022. As this is one of the most important European trade fairs in the field of bottling and filling technologies, SRAML will be participating once again. You are very welcome! For more information about free tickets, for … Continued

Destemming and Crushing

Destemming and crushing grapes are generally intertwined and almost unavoidable operations in winemaking technology, their primary function is to remove the grape berries from the stems and release the grape juice from the skin barrier of the berries. Both processes are carried out by means of a combined machine unit at the reception of grapes … Continued

Grape harvesting and grape reception

Grape harvesting is one of the key tasks that present a challenge every year for all winemakers. Harvested grapes must be sent safely and in the shortest time possible for further processing, so as a general rule the harvest begins with outlining a detailed plan. We should make sure that the harvests are carried out … Continued

CiderCon 2022

The USACM (United Association of Cider Makers) is preparing for the upcoming annual cider convention CiderCon™ 2022.  So do we at Sraml with our US partner Criveller Group. This year’s CiderCon™ will be held Tuesday, Feb. 1st to Friday, Feb. 4th, 2022 in RICHMOND (VA). The cider convection was created as an opportunity for the … Continued