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HL21 / HL26 / HL32 / HL44 / HL52 / HL60 / HL80 / HL100

NIKO High Line is a series of pneumatic presses, where the functionality of NIKO VP presses meets a new design. NIKO HL presses are equipped with a standard offer and can be upgraded with a variety of additional options. This makes the NIKO HL presses suitable for demanding users with large quantities of grapes. Despite a higher level of complexity, the NIKO HL presses are still user friendly, since the operation with touch screen is simple. Easy and thorough is also the cleaning after the use of the presses.


  • entirely made of stainless steel
  • pivoting wheels with double break
  • cylinder rotation to both sides: left-right
  • quiet vane compressor from BECKER
  • quiet fan for fast airflow till +0,2 bar
  • quiet fan for vacuuming the membrane
  • axial loading
  • AT automation with touch screen
  • separate manual operation of the press
  • safety cord with interlocks on both sides and at the back of the press
  • big door opening on the cylinder
  • big double sliding doors
  • special design for easy cleaning under the sliding doors
  • big collection tray on pivoting wheels with a sieve on the outlet
  • central opening of the upper sides
  • central opening of the lower sides
  • declaration of conformity CE
  • PED documentation
  • axial loading with pressure sensor
  • axial loading with pneumatic valve
  • elevated press: heightened framework and tray legs
  • easily detachable platform
  • dumping hopper over the cylinder
  • non perforated doors for maceration
  • cleaning opening on cylinder
  • watertight sliding doors with inflatable seal
  • sliding doors with pneumatic drive 
  • auxiliary compressor
  • central outlet on cylinder
  • external washing of cylinder
  • cylinder with double coat for cooling
  • alongside or side sliding collection tray
  • level switch in the collection tray
  • detached control box 


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