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Pneumatic presses &

fruit processing machinery


Monoblock: Rinser - Filler - Capper


I8P8PT / I8P10PT / I8P8PA / I8P10PA
P8PT / P10PT / P8PA / P10PA


The monoblock consists of rinser, rotary filler and capper for bottles of different sizes.

Main features:

  • Placed on adjustable legs.
  • Completely made of stainless steel.
  • Quick and easy cleaning without closed or inaccessible places.
  • Single treatment with fixed nozzle.
  • Treatment time adjustment.
  • Equipped with “no-bottle no-spray”.
  • Electrical/manual height adjustment.
  • Rack-gear bottle turning mechanism.
  • Gravity filling system.
  • Filling of any non-carbonated liquid.
  • Pneumatic type bottle lifting cylinder.
  • Height adjustment of the tank.
  • Liquid level switches inside tank.
  • Washing nozzle inside tank.
  • Electrical/manual height adjustment.
  • Gentle bottle handling, without sudden movements – no liquid spilling.
  • Quick replacement of attachment for filling bottles of other sizes.
Types of closure:
  • Twist-off caps (closing with steam).
  • Aluminium screw caps.
  • On wheels (mobile monoblock) + Folding conveyor.




  • Monoblock: FILLER-CAPPER Twist-off bottles

  • Monoblock: FILLER-CAPPER Vacu Vent bottles